Thursday, July 29, 2010


For those of my readers who share my reading pleasures, Mad Magazine is up there in the top ten. I remember articles showing how genetics could improve on reality, something which in this cellphone, text messaging society is badly needed. Feet would develop radar to warn of obstacles such as puddles, other pedestrians and cars, one ear would become huge to envelop the phone, and fingers would be ultra-thin and tactile to access the small keyboards.
I remember a cartoon showing a couple walking down the street hand in hand with each one on a telephone. This was brought home to Your Humble when I noticed a couple hand in handing in down the street and turning in to an outdoor cafe. No sooner had they sat down when the female received a phone call. She answered, and her hapless companion waited. And waited. And...well, I daren't repeat myself. After some fifteen minutes the heat waves emanating from the male's head were hopefully due to the heat and not anger. Finally he became totally fed up with his companion. Picking up his water glass, he overturned it on his companion's head and stormed off. She chattered on, dateless but probably cooler.

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