Wednesday, September 1, 2010


You wouldn't think so, but there are fundamental differences between a blonde-haired girl and A Blonde.
A blonde-haired girl's your sister. Or your friend's sister if you're a brunette.
A Blonde's Marilyn.
A blonde-haired girl could be any nationality. But never Asian. I don't care what's walking down the streets.
The Blonde's the Swiss Bikini team. Or she's Swedish or Californian. She's never the Girl Next Door.
The blonde-haired girl's got a nice personality. Or not. She could be the Girl Next Door. And probably is.
The Blonde's personality...who cares? That's not the part you're interested in.
The blonde-haired girl's got anybody's body. You can see her anywhere. After all, she's a brunette with lighter hair.
The Blonde's pnuematic. She doesn't walk, she wiggles. Her perfect figure goes with her perfect face and dress. She's the stuff of dreams, usually wet.
The blonde-haired girl's an attainable dream. She might dream of stars, but she'll wind up with the Boy Next Door. She might even wind up with you.
The blonde-haired girl's speech and mannerisms are consistent with her upbringing. She's basically a nice kid.
The Blonde's a bubbly, giggly woman child, acting helpless to pull in whomever she wants.
You can date a blonde-haired girl. You can even marry one. As I said, she's a brunette with lighter hair.
To date A Blonde is to afford A Blonde. You don't marry A Blonde. You rent her. You take her to exquisite places and she takes you for all you're worth. But you'll enjoy the ride.
Remember, they're called Blondeshells because they'll explode all over you. Now, about redheads...

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