Friday, November 26, 2010

heartbreak motel

As promised, I'm back with some new info on Babushka Babe and my so-called love life.But first, a commercial message.
"Mr. Manners' Guide To Electronic Etiquette" is out, and it's different from "Blonde, Blue-Eyed And Handsome" in that it's the first of a series of social tirades. It can be bought either from the author at or from the good folks at Fracteous Press.
Now that Mammon's been satisfied, I wish Eros would be. Babushka Babe and myself have a friendship, and I suppose I should be satisfied with that. We see each other most mornings when she's going to work and sometimes at night when she leaves. Sometimes we get together at night for about an hour to have dinner at a neighborhood cafe. These are usually hour long affairs as she's got to take an hour long train ride into Brooklyn. Not only that, these are strictly dutch dates. I've been debating asking her to let me take her to one of my favorite places on a weekend night, and I'd not only pay for dinner, but for a cab home.I've been trying to phrase this request without sounding desperate, as she's just starting to open up. I don't want to lose the friendship I've got, but I know she's got hidden depths I'd love to find.I'd tell her I'd like to spend some more time with her, but I don't want to scare her off, and considering her commute, she might not have the time.
Now, for those of you who like my poems here's a newie:
Everywhere you go
bags and bags of baggage
You never know
somebody might invite you somewhere
You have to be dressed
Have to make an impression
Your parents always said
clothes make the (wo)man
use the right fork
be home at ten
kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince
Yet it seems
the most baggage is in your mind

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