Saturday, March 31, 2012

At first I didn't want a computer. I didn't need one. Somehow I just knew what it'd do to my writing. I'd never change anything and my work would suffer. I'm used to editing my unreadable handwriting on the typewriter. Computers would make it too easy.
Oh no, my technologically savvy friends said. Everything would be organized. You'd be able to find things easily, write to friends instantly, and store more writing.You can even store all your music there.
What organized, I'd ask, sweeping my arm around the piles of papers, notebooks and writing in my workspace between the refrigerator and the wall. I know where everything is. It's here.
One night Lou come up with a bunch of ancient modules. Ancient? It used floppy discs rather than CDs and fairly filled my work table. But gee! My writing actually looks good and I can store lots of stuff here. Not only that, I can surf the Internet (BFD), play my music collection (all 80,000 plus tunes!) and play solitaire.
It was those last two that decided me. Surfing the Internet? If I can't find it in a wall of books it's not worth finding.
I started to like the old relic. I could do a lot, and it was kind of fun. So much fun I decided I needed a new one. So I dropped about $600 on an HP laptop. Compared to the relic this was lightning fast. I had more storage space and an actual CD-Rom. One thing it didn't have, however, was protection against the way I typed. I still banged away at the keys as if I was using my first typewriter, an acoustic Royal Underwood. Finally the HP gave up the ghost and died.
By now I was hooked. Luigi and my other tech friends laughed and said I was now of of them. The computer was in my blood and there was no withdrawal program.
I managed to get back at them. Got back at them all. Went on the Internet and found a refurbished I-Mac for only $115. With shipping. Take that, tech boys!
Been almost ten years for me and the old girl. I've had relationships that haven't lasted that long. She's slowing up a little booting up, and I find myself staring at that spinning colored ball silently cursing-speed up! I start to tense up waiting for work to appear and have started to get impatient. I love the old girl, but...
I wonder what a new Mac would cost?

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