Sunday, April 1, 2012


After spending a good part of my working day watching Columbia kids walk around staring at I-phones and other electronic gizmos I finally figured out what they're all reading. It's a set of instructions-left foot, right foot, repeat. Don't forget to breath while you're walking."
A couple of blogs ago I spoke of mind-boggling. Turns out I hadn't seen anything yet. A group of illegals working in New York area car washes are planning to sue the firm's owner because they're working for less than minimum wage. They're going to hire an attorney and going through all legal motions. What I (an lots of others) would like to know is, are they going to pay back taxes? What part of illegal don't they understand?
Bill Cosby used to have a skit where he chastised an unruly child by saying-I'll disown you and make another just like you. Wonder what he'd do with modern mothers, some of whom make "Mommie Dearest" look like Mother Of The Year. I've watched mothers (and fathers) dangle their children over subway tracks.Strollers are used to check for oncoming traffic as mothers edge out into the streets.If the stroller isn't swept away by traffic it's okay to cross.
I wonder if some of these mothers are mentally ready to have kids. Riverside and Central Park are mere blocks away, yet these mothers let their children race strollers up and down the street with little regard for pedestrians. When I told one mother whose child took a header on a stroller that she should have been wearing a helmet I was told to "mind my own business". I have cleaned up language for the sensibilities of my audience.
Place of honor has to go to the

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