Thursday, April 12, 2012


Those of us of a certain age probably remember "Society's Child", a pseudo-pretentious piece of doggerel pushed by that shameless self-promoter Leonard Bernstein. She hadn't crossed my mind until I read a comment in the 400th issue of Record Collector that she'd pop out of a cake for the 500th.Has anybody really listened to the song. I mean, really listened? She's copping out by saying she's only "Society's Child." If she really felt anything for her friend (acquaintance, lyric prop, whatever) she'd rip off his clothes and take him on the floor. Ah, but I knew so many Jewish girls like Janis, once upon a time.
An ongoing theme here has been Al Sharpton. Recently Stanley Crouch stated in his Daily News column that he now could consider Sharpton a "true leader". Me, I'm waiting for him to show up at the bedside og f one of those cops shot by an African-American with a rap sheet longer than Al is wide, or to say something about the new Black Panthers putting bounties on people's heads. But I'm barking up the wrong political tree (or something like that)

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