Friday, May 4, 2012


Alexander Hamilton's New York Post trumpets that it's America's oldest continually published paper. His rapid rotation in his eternal sleep might account for the tremors some of us felt some months ago. I'm sure one of our Founding Fathers wouldn't want to be seen as being a shill for the upper class. Don't confuse the Post with anything approaching facts. Although the House and the Senate can't agree on if the sky is blue or not the state of the nation is still Obama's fault. Never mind that Bush the younger left him with an economy even a trinity of Jesus, Moses and Mohammed could not right and a powerful list of new found enemies. Remember, it's the black guy in the White House's fault. Forget about the fact that Mitt The Shit was granted a cover story in the Village Voice where it was revealed a lot of his offshore (and therefore untaxable wealth) came from buying up working companies, gutting their assets and leaving a shell with unemployed employees. He's still allowed to say "Wealth Is Good" and everybody else is just jealous. Reminds me of other robber barons such as Joseph Kennedy and John Jacob Astor. Allow me to swerve a little here. John Kennedy's heritage was made on his being assassinated when he was. Had he lived he would have been the worst president the lower and middle classes ever had. Why, you ask. Because he would have had to pay back all the favors Dad and Grandad called to get him into office. But he was white, you might well say. He was Catholic. We never had one of those before. Come to think of it, with murderers, rapists and drug addicts in the family, the Kennedys just might be the All-American family. While we're tilting at windmills here, let's topple another myth, er icon, er, whatever. Richard Nixon deserves another look by history. He wasn't rich, but rather married money. The lower and middle classes were well served by Tricky Dick, he improved the space program and he opened trade with China. (Okay, that might have not been such a good idea!) Oh yeah, he got us out of Vietnam. A lot of guys were thankful for that one. As for the infamous eighteen minute tape-shouldn't the President enjoy the same freedom of speech the rest of us do? I look at OWS and see kids running from cops with batons and pepper sprays and wonder when they'll fight back or do something that makes a difference. While they might be tying up police and making the city waste money policing OWS they still have to do more.Maybe Occupy Wall Street still has to find its platforms and its leaders. Perhaps other countries have taken the idea and run better with it. I'm convinced OWS will find its feet and make a difference. If you really need a good laugh read the Post's letter column. Readers laud the Shrub for wearing his daddy's flight suit and squeaking "Mission Accomplished" (tell that to the soldiers who died after he said that) but condemn Obama for using the fact that Osama was sent to Paradise on his watch in his campaign. Seems a little truth hurts. The Times motto might be "all the news that fits we print" and the News the best photos of any NY paper, but the Post's should be "whatever the Republicans tell us is the gospel truth."

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