Tuesday, January 7, 2014

EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN-3 Your narrator will never walk into an Associated again and urges all his readers to never patronize this chain. I used to shop at the 96th and Lexington location at least three times a week. One day I walk in, don't see anything in the specials I need and start to walk out when the manager loudly tells me to empty my bag. I comply when one of his smirking clerks makes a grab for said bag. He claims he has security photos of my stealing cheese. When I ask to see said photos he declines, saying he only has to show them to a police officer. So I get slandered as a shoplifter without any recourse. I felt like calling my ex-state trooper friend to go down there with me and an on-duty police officer, so when the photo is proved to be somebody else I can have the manager arrested for libel and slander. But since that won't happen, I urge my readers to join me in a boycot of the chain.

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