Tuesday, January 7, 2014

EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN-1 Things don't always happen the way we'd like them To. This has been sitting in one of my notebooks for a long time, but most of it still rings true. We've got "customer service", illegal mind boggling and moms from hell. I will try and leave you laughing, or at least smiling. May 31st 2013 my Internet goes down (their fault, not mine.) As with phone companies and other public futilities it's amazing how slow they are to respond to your call for help but how quick to shut you off for late payment. I had a friend whose cable was going to be shut off for 75 cents. He trekked down to their office in the middle of a storm. I told him to pay either in pennies or a check made out on a rock (perfectly legal if there are funds to cover it.) Remember that come tax time!

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