Tuesday, December 17, 2013

HOORAY FOR HOLLYWEIRD I must be able to see into the future. There's no other explanation for it. A few days ago I made a comment about Mr. Peabody and His Wayback Machine and it turns out there's an animated coming out. Now I see a remake of "Walter Mitty" out in a couple of months. Everything old is new again is turning out to be true, When I was about eight I was on Cape Cod. I remember my parents taking me to a drive in to see "South Pacific". I cannot think of how many times that has been revived, or "Oklahoma", or "Showboat" or...well, you get the idea. Shows such as "Lion King" go on endlessly, as nothing sells like familiarity. Edgy plays such as "Urinetown" play for a couple of weeks at their off-off-Broadway location and then fade into obscurity because the kingpins of Broadway decide what sells. Hundreds of column inches have been expended on the question "where are the new writers of the Broadway play?". If Broadway won't give them a chance how will they find them?

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