Monday, December 9, 2013

I'M BACK! In preparing "Electronic Etiqutte 2" I resolved to be more pholosophical than with its predecessor.Recently I got into a discussion as to why today's kids are more at home with electronic gadgetry than pen, paper and book. We decided it was largely the fault of the rascal television, which dispenses shows in eight-ten minute segments withcommercials for food, bathroom breaks, stretching of legs and subsquent closing of minds. Studies in movie theatres show that these selfsame eight-ten minute breaks operates much the same there, with people getting edgy, looking around and going for food and bathroom breaks.Maybe books should somehow adapt these-nah, couldn't work. Apropos to that, Your Narrator is ready for his one movie experience of the year, the Hobbit movie that has become a Christmas event. You coyld say I have a Hobbit Habit. At one point I toyed with the idea of putting on-off buttons on books to make kids think they were electronic. On the other hand, we could place this before each book. This is a book. You open it to turn it on, close it to turn it off. It's only limited by your imagination, and I'm certain you've got more imagaination than anybody in Hollyweird. Movies are written by people who can't write for those who can't read. As an added bonus, you can put the book in your pocket and sit down on it. Try THAT with a Kindle! My friend Kate from Sydney sent me a group of photos of her with a kangaroo joey abandoned by its pod. For a while I was toying with putting words to the photos. Here for your enjoyment (!) is the first of the poems. Katie's got a hoppy friend A 2 foor tall Grey joey One point of which I'm unsure Is it Claude or Chloe? Not bad for a first shot, huh? I'll post the rest as I do them.

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