Monday, December 16, 2013

ART LINKLETTER'S SPAWN For those of my readers too young to know, Art Linkletter was an amiable TV personality who published a string of books based on kids' sayings and entitled "Kids Say The Darndest Things". He should have listened more to his daughter, who committed suicide while high, claiming that her father neglected her. These kids are Columbia University area, so their wisecracks are of a higher quality than most. One is the son of a Shakespearean scholar. The other's just a brat. On hearing that Hester Pryne of "A Scarlet Letter" received an A in adultery, one kid said-Did that mean she was good at it? Truer than you know, child. Another opined that "Hamlet" was the story of a little pig from a small town, and that one of his classmates had a family tree "as steady as Birnham Wood". My favorite has to be the little boy who saw a picture of the Venus De Milo, saw a book on his father's desk, and asked if "A Farewell To Arms" was her (ghost written) autobiography.

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